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From the desk of George Chamoun,

Date: 02-21-2018.

Have You Ever Though Of Building Your Website Or Blog?  Of Course You Did Knowing The Power Of Internet As Related To Audience Reach And….

Who doesn’t want a website or blog to gain access to the online world called, the Internet? 

Who doesn’t want to extend their business online, share an important message with the world, or share a life experience to help others?

But the problem is, you may have:

Tried to start building a website and became overwhelmed with the info you need to know about, web hosting, domain name, website builder, WordPress, themes, plugins, and much more…

You tried to register a domain name and didn’t know what name to choose and where to register it.

You tried to buy a web hosting and didn’t know what package you should choose due to the many options provide, whether free or paid.

You were not able to determine the cost per month of a website and if you are able to afford it or not.

May be you decided and were able to buy a domain name and a web hosting, and then you could not start building your website, because you don’t know how to install, access, and use a software like WordPress..   

My name is George Chamoun and I am here to help you simplify and explain what steps, elements, and requirements you will need.  Here how I can help you:

1-I will explain how to choose and register a domain name.

2-I will explain how to choose a web hosting package.

3-I will advise you what website building tool is the easiest to learn.

And more…

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George Chamoun.

Date: 02-07-2018