How To Build A Webpage Using Simple HTML and CSS Codes

I Build A Custom Homepage For Your Website Using Html And CSS Codes

You Provide The Content With A Draft And I Will Create Your Homepage And Upload It To Your Web Hosting  

Watch The Video Below (Use Landscape Mode For Better Mobile Viewing) 


Here Are The Steps To Follow:


Step-1: Send me an email with the following: Include your name, questions, and details about what and how you need your homepage to consist of. Use this email:

Example of the details about your future homepage are, how many lines, paragraphs, images, and videos you need to include on it. 

The best way is to send a document or an image of the document that includes the elements that will constitute the homepage.

Once, I receive the info, I will email you back whether I can do it and how much it costs, and how long it takes to finish. 

Once you receive my email with the details, you will email me whether you agree to hire me or not.  If we agree to work together, you'll proceed to step 2 below.  


Step-2: If we agreed to work together in step one: I will start working to build your homepage based on the content you've provided in the first step.  Once I am done, and usually it takes between 3-5 business days, I will email you with the link to review the finished homepage.

In case you need a change, I can make two changes within the reasonable request.  If your request requires advanced programming, I will let you know if I can make the change or not.  In this case, I will have to use other resources.

If I can do it, I will let you know and will make the change within 2-3 days.  Once we agree on the final version of your future homepage, I will either email you a copy, or I can upload it to your web server.  This is optional and it is up to you.


Step-3- You pay me and I will send you or upload the final version of the Homepage: At this point, I will send you the payment info that I accept.

Now, the work is over.  I will be happy to receive a feedback about your satisfaction and will ask you for a testimonial for future clients. 

Even if we don't work together and you landed on my website, you can still email me with any questions about building a website. 


Email Me With Any Questions at: