Building A Website And Blog Resources For Beginners


Who is this website for and what info will you find Here?

Do you want to build a basic website or blog without using any HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, or other web programming languages?

Do you want to create your own website without spending 100’s and 1000’s of Dollars in Web Design fees?  If so, I can help you build a website similar to this one (

This website cost me about $100 / year since I am willing to do the work on it.

Hello, my name is George Chamoun and I help beginners who aren’t technical (like me) build a website or blog.  It is very easy if you are willing to put the effort to learn about domain name, web hosting, WordPress, or other website builders.

Follow the two steps below and let me know if you need help, in case the info weren’t clear for you. You can email me  I will do my best to reply within 24 hours because I am the only one working on this website.

If you are ready to build a website and need to get started, check the my resources page for services I have used and recommend.  Click here. 


If you still need more info, let dive in to show you how simple it is. 


There are two initial steps you must follow:


Step-1- Obtain a web hosting and a domain name:

The domain name is what you type in the address bar of your browser to access certain websites.  And the web hosting is the computer that hosts your files that comprise your website.  Both can be done in one step with a web hosting you select.

Once you decide on a web hosting service provider, you can enter a domain name to check if it is available; if not, you can try a different domain.  Once the domain is available, you register it and then you select a web hosting package for you upcoming website.


Step-2- Install Website Builder:

After purchasing your domain name and web hosting package, you will receive an email with the info on how to access your control panel of your web hosting.  In the software applications, you will find many site builder tools; such as, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others. 

Once your done with the two above steps, you can start practicing how to use the builder application.  First, create a page, a post, and add content like text, images, and video clips.  The more you practice, the more you learn about creating menus, links, titles, and more. 


If you are ready to build a website and need to get started, check the my resources page for services I have used and recommend.  Click here. 


Questions and Answers about building your Website:


1-Do I have to know web programming?

No. Not at all.  Using WordPress enables beginners and advanced programmers build a website and blog.


2-What is the difference between a blog and a website?

A website consists of pages and posts.  The posts are the elements of blog.


3- What do I need to start and how much it costs?

You will need a domain name, a web hosting account, a builder tool.


4-How much is the cost of starting my own website?

As a start, all what you need is Domain name, $12-$30/year.  Shared Web hosting, $70-$100 per year. Then, depending on what design you need, you can start with WordPress and a free theme that doesn’t cost you any money.  If you need custom design or premium theme, it can vary from 100’s to 1000’s of Dollars.  So, you can start at a cost of less than $150/ year if you do the work yourself.


5-Where do I get a domain name and web hosting?

Any web hosting can provide domain name registration and a web hosting account. So, you can do both at the same step.


6-Where to access WordPress?

WordPress is usually provided for free once you have a web hosting account.  You can install it from your web hosting control panel, usually called “Cpanel”.


7-What if I need help with web hosting issues?

Every web hosting provider have 24-hour support and can help you with most common technical issues.  In certain cases there are charges if you need special programming for your site. But in the beginning, you won’t need advanced technical and customized services.


8-What Do I use for this website (

I use Inmmotion hosting for web hosting, and WordPress free theme “Presentation Lite”.  However, you can use any web hosting of your choice.  Most of them provide affordable prices, and good service.  


9-What if I have more questions?

Submit your questions to


If you are ready to build a website and need to get started, check the my resources page for services I have used and recommend.  Click here. 


George k Chamoun

Date: 1-20-2018.