Building A Website Resources For Beginners

How To Create Your Website Without Using Any Coding Knowledge. I Have Created A Free PDF Guide That You Can Follow To Build A Website Without Hiring Any Web Design Agency.


Dear visitor,

Are you considering building a website or blog? First, I want to welcome you to my site and let you know, that I appreciate your visit and value your time.  My name is George K Chamoun and want to help you with the basics of building your first website and blog, even if you don’t know any programming codes. Let me share some statistics that you will like about the Internet:   In order to make it easy for you, I want to provide you with some info that may help you navigate different sections, pages,  and blog posts of CreatYourWebsite101.      

What is this Website All About?

Who is this site for? This site is for you if are considering building a blog or a website yourself, and want to learn the basics, so you can save money that people spend on web design and other tasks. What can you find here? The steps and tools you need to build a website or blog.  Such as, web hosting, domain name, and WordPress. Below is an image of WordPress dashboard, where you can manage your website or blog. Here are some Questions Answered That You Should Know: 1-What are Web Hosting and Domain Name? Web Hosting is where your website files are saved and can be accessed on the Internet. Your files are the contents of your webpages, like text, photos, audio, video files, and more. Basically, that is your home on the Internet. Your Domain Name is your address on the Internet.  This is how someone can reach your website once they type your address in the browsers. 2-Should you build a website, blog, or both? Many beginners are under the impression that they must build a website (static) or a blog. If you need to build static contents; that is, without changing it, static web pages will be enough.  In this case, you don’t need a blog and you end up with a static website. If you need to update your content or add pages all the time; then, you need a blog and this is called dynamic website. The good news is that, you can have both blog and static website built under one domain.  This way you will create a website with static pages and dynamic posts.  See below the page and post tabs in the WordPress dashboard.   3-What tools and services do you need if you want to build a website or blog yourself? You will need to start a domain name and web hosting.  Once you have them, you will use the control panel to learn the tools and how to use them. You can use the online help and request help from technical support of your web hosting. Once you get familiar with the tools, then you start building web pages that will make your website and blog. If you need advanced features, graphics, content. Then, you can do that with certain expenses. 4-Can you use WordPress without HTML and do HTML codes have any function with CMS (Content Management System?). Yes you can, because WordPress is a CMS that enables you to build websites and blogs without coding.  Coding is done by the framework and invisible to the user. However, basic HTML codes can help you modify a webpage or a blog post.  This can be done without adding plug-ins and without buying new premium themes.     Do You have any questions? Click here to submit your inquiry.     Thanks, George K. Chamoun, 01-08-2017.