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Welcome to CreateYourWebsite101.com, my name is George K. Chamoun and I help beginners start a simple basic website and blog like this one, CreateYourWebsite101.com.

I am not a programmer, not a Graphic Designer, or a professional Web Designer.  However, I am a heavy user of the Internet Searching, Testing, and comparing info about website and blog building tools.,

I have tried many tools and took some HTML and web Design classes and realized, it is very difficult to create a website from the ground up using HTML, Javascript, and other programming languages.  Especially for some one who is not a programmer.

So, I determined that using WordPress Content Management System, other Website Builder tools, or template ready website are the easiest way to establish a website or blog.

So in order to help a beginner, I documented the basic procedures and the processes that I use myself.

I’m in the process of creating an online course about using WordPress to build a website or blog.  So, if you are interested and need to learn more, submit your questions or comments here:

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George K Chamoun

Date: 9-4-2017.