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If you are ready to build a website and need to get started, check the my resources page for services I have used and recommend.  Click here.  If not, let me explain how easy it is:

Hi, my name is George K. Chamoun,

I want to thank you for visiting and your time spent here.  I assume that you are interested in creating a website or blog, right?

I can help you, if this is your first time building a website or blog, and you don’t want to hire a web design agency or spend 100’s or 1000’s of Dollars.

I am not a programmer, web designer, or graphic designer.  I am not a good writer either.  However, I spent years researching the Internet for info related to building websites, Internet marketing, making money online. And I am about to share with you what I concluded when it comes to building a website, starting a business online, or promoting your website:

1-Expensive web design for your website doesn’t make money by itself, it can set you apart and shows that you have a great looking website.

2-If you want to start a business online, a website is an essential elements and no one can take it from you as long as you are paying for your domain name and a web hosting account.

3-Outsourcing your website building in the beginning is a bad idea even if you can afford the fees.  Simply because, your aren’t well versed yet in what involves in web design. And every time you need to make a change, you will have to refer it to web design services and that will cost more money.

4-You must learn the basics of building a web design and Internet Marketing, because no one will reveal the secrets of success.  You must try to do the grunt work in the beginning, and when you advance, you will select what gigs you like to outsource.

 5-Even if you have a presence on social media, search engines, and other well known websites, you’ll need a website that you can control the content and other elements.  You don’t have to be limited to certain formats or the size of your text or graphics.

6-Learning to build your own website is a great skill to have and to use in different businesses. You can build your own or build it to others.

7-With the advent of technology, you can use Content Management Systems, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other premade templates to build a website and blog without any programming knowledges like, HTML, Javescript, PHP, CSS,…

8-Building a website is a process that you can start and advance as you practice.  It is very easy to learn the basics in order to create a page, a post, and add content to them. Then create a navigation menu with links to each page.  An example of a simple website, is this one I built it without any outsourcing to any agency.

There are many other reasons besides the above but I will not make the article longer. You will find out more as you progress in the process.

Let me explain briefly the basic steps:

Step-1: Register a domain name and a web hosting account.

Step-2: Install WordPress, access the dashboard, and start creating pages, posts, menus. Then, add your content to each page or post.

There are many Web Hosting Service Providers that you can use and all of them have good support and help when you need assistance; however, I am using Inmmotion Web Hosing for this website.  I recommend them and I promote them as an affiliate marketer.  If you buy through the links below, I make some commission and it will not affect or raise your price.

You will be helping me keep this website going and helping you and others by sharing my experience in buying We Hosting Account, Domain Name, and building a website using WordPress. 

You Don’t have to buy, you can search the Internet to other resources that you choose, and you can still use the info on this website.  It applies to all services.

If you are ready to build a website and need to get started, check the my resources page for services I have used and recommend.  Click here. 

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George k Chamoun

Date: 1-13-2018